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high quality voices, 20 languages.
 Applications include instant speech for transportation, machine
ATMs and digital signage. 

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TextSpeak Design Group, Text Speak is a leader in TTS solutions for industrial machinery, PCs (Windows CE, WinCE) Linux, PLCs and Data Acquisition equipment .. The off the shelf solutions provide high quality best in class human sounding advanced speech synthesis and standalone Text to Speech modules for embedded TTS applications, voice keyboards. Embedded TTS EM IC s peaking and talking  modules and  communications  aids support AD compliance.  Industrial standalone board level products include high quality (best human sounding) board level TTS Embedded modules .New embedded products for industry include the multi-language multilingual EM Series Text to Speech TTS EM IC modules. TTS-EM IC 2 supports Speech for Digital Signage, Information Displays, Terminal Screens,  Scrolling displays, Passenger Information Systems for Rail, Subway, Transit and Mass Notification Alerts..  Communication speech aids for WinCE and Linux serial ports and include include portable, low cost ' talk as you type' speaking communicators. learn more_here

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